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This story is so wonderful! Thank you, Sherry, for sharing with all of us!  And no, Sherry, it doesn't sound one bit silly to me!

"My father, George Gouge, preached at Stoney Fork Baptist church in the late 60's early 70's and the parsonage was in Pee Dee.  My favorite parsonage we ever lived in!!!  I remember as a child, my brother, Dennis and I riding our bicycles to Sandy Bogan's store almost every day in the summer time.  We had a little dog named Judy and she would ride in my bicycle basket with me.  We would ride up there to get candy or whatever.  There was a black gentleman who worked there named JC and he pumped gas and helped out the customers or Sandy or whatever needed to be done.  He was one of the nicest people I have ever met in my entire life and I will always remember him.  Not sure what happened to him to cause injury but he had a prosthetic leg if I remember correctly.  He was always picking on me and Dennis and always gave us a piece of candy and something for Judy too, and always, always a smile and a chuckle!!!  I remember the smell of the BBQ the day they cooked it in the pit outside.  I will NEVER forget Sandy and Kate Bogan, the Kirks, Red Dennis, Phil and Sue Henley...so many good people during that part of my life and some have gone on to be with the Lord, including my brother, Dennis.  This all may sound very silly to some but MAN!!!  just writing this brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes!!!  I am blessed to still have my mom and dad, George and Ella Gouge, and my dad is still preaching.  Thank you for the opportunity to share this and thanks for keeping the memories alive for some of us!!!  WONDERFUL memories!!!"    Sherry Y. Gouge