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Thursday is "chicken day" at Lefler's!  Get there early!

Friday we have a vegetable soup special. It includes our homemade vegetable soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.



We need to hear your stories.  Please write down your favorite memories of Lefler's Place and bring them in on your next visit to Lefler's or email it to Laura at leflersplacecafe@centurylink.net.  We want to post your stories on our web page for everyone to enjoy.  Be sure to put your name on your story so we know who the story teller is!  Thank you.

Thank you for visiting our Internet site. We want you to get to know Lefler's Place and enjoy the unique character that we offer.

Lefler's Place Café is the oldest operating café in Montgomery and Stanly counties (maybe even a few more counties!).  We maintain a quality in preparing our food that was started long ago by the original Lefler owners.  Lefler's Place was established in 1922 and has been in operation since that time. 

We are probably most known for the pit-cooked bar-b-que that we cook.  We use hickory wood and people in the community often comment on the delicious smell coming from the pit on firing days!  We make our secret recipe sauce to top off our bar-b-que. 

Our burgers are absolutely "to die for"!  We buy local fresh hamburger and pat out our burgers daily.  We top off our burgers and hot dogs with our own secret recipe chili and slaw.  The recipes that we use can be traced back to the early 1940's.  At this point none of us are sure exactly where the original recipes came from. 

Lefler's Place has its own special blend of local regulars that visit.  Sometimes our neighbors just stop in to see who all is in the café.  Whether you come by to eat, grab a drink and a snack, or just step in to say hello, you're always welcome at Lefler's Place! 

We try to maintain a down home, friendly atmosphere at Lefler's Place.  It has always been a local gathering place and that's a tradition worth hanging on to!

Lefler's also has a country store that sells produce and a few household items. You can also find some of your favorite "old timey" candy, jellies and jams.  You may even find such items as a "red-neck" flashlight! 

You can reach us at 910-439-5451. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: leflersplacecafe@centurylink.net.

Our business is located at 6423 NC Highway 73 West, Mount Gilead, NC, 27306.